Lac d'Annecy, as seen from above

CILFA in Annecy: The Best French Language Schools

A small class size and professional instructors ensures a top-notch French immersion in beautiful Annecy.

CIEL Bretagne: Learn French in the Heart of Brittany

Brittany, in the extreme north-western tip of France, is a region known for its historic connection to the Celts. Today it has become a popular destination for tourists due to the wild beauty of...

Le Dernier Mot: Poisson d’Avril!

The author of the "French Word-A-Day" blog explains how France's citizens get crafty on April Fool's Day.

Editor’s App Choice: busuu, Learn French for Free

First things first: this language-learning app, busuu, is free to download and use, and so its merits and failings should be assessed from a viewpoint of cost-efficiency. The concept of matching photos with words...

Say It With Flowers

Since in France your flowers send a message, you need to know what you're saying

Le Dernier Mot: Just a Matter of Culture

Our correspondent discovers a "zillion curiosities" on a French beach, not least her husband...

Le Dernier Mot: Fuzzy Dice at the French Auto Parts Store

There I am, wandering aimlessly through an auto-parts store, killing time. I have come here to pick up a repaired pneu, but the man behind the counter has told me it’s not ready yet and has asked me...


Look up bureaucratie in Robert's Dictionnaire. First definition: "l'influence abusive de l'administration" (misuse of official power).
Immersion France, the app

Editor’s App Choice: Immersion France

Language learning in France is big news (it’s the second most widely learned language in the world), bringing in thousand of visitors to the country. Estimates show that more than 130,000 students and foreigners arrive each year in...