Feasts and Flowers: Two Books from the Louvre

A charming pair of picture books dedicated to flowers and food.

Love in the Louvre

A charming little anthology of amour.

I Know How to Cook

I Know How to Cook is the English-language edition of Je Sais Cuisiner, France's first comprehensive cookbook.

The Little Dictionary of Fashion

An aid to understanding the French touch in fashion and achieving its inimitable panache.

Petite Anglaise

Petite Anglaise is a surprisingly touching and often hilarious memoir of the author's life as a blogger in Paris

Writers in Paris

Bookworms and Francophiles should bring Writers in Paris along on their next trip to France.

Say Chic

Even if you don't speak French, chances are your French vocabulary is pretty impressive whether you know it or not.

A Summer in Gascony

Englishman Martin Calder's memories of a summer spent in Gascony, "the other south of France"