Champagne and Burgundy Vineyards Granted UNESCO World Heritage Status

Big news from French wine country. In a triumph for the French viticultural tradition, UNESCO granted World Heritage status to both Champagne and Burgundy vineyards on Saturday. France now has 41 World Heritage sites. In...

Apotheosis of the Apple

We all experience epiphanies—moments of revelation that stay with us throughout our lives. Nobody who has read James Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man can forget young Stephen’s epiphany when he...

12 Châteaux You Must Visit in Bordeaux Wine Country

You can’t move in Gironde without coming face to face with a château. Here is a selection of a few worth visiting Related article: Great French Destinations, Raise a Glass to Gironde CHÂTEAU LA CROIZILLE La Croizille...

Where to Eat in Cassis: La Villa Madie

Inventive cuisine in a delightful location overlooking the rocky coves.
Château de Berne

Time with Wine: Château de Berne Rosé, When Summer Never Ends

An art gallery curator once gave me some surprising but sound advice. As I was on the verge of meandering around an enormous exhibition, prepared to study each painting with diligence, he said: “Ignore the ones that you don’t...

Deck & Donohue Brewery in Montreuil

A new brewery welcomes visitors for beer tastings outside Paris.
Avenue de Champagne

Read the Signs: Avenue de Champagne

One of the most famous streets in France, the Avenue de Champagne is located in Épernay, in the Grand Est region of France. The name originates from the many renowned champagne houses alongside, with names such as Moët Chandon, Mercier, Pol Roger, Perrier-Jouët...

Announcing Paris Beer Week

For a week in May, the first-ever Paris Beer Week will toast the thriving craft beer scene.