Armagnac: Amber Paradox

Feisty armagnac may be small, but it punches way above its weight.

2009 Bordeaux: How High Can It Go?

Wonderful wines can be found even among the middle and lower echelons.

Sophisticated Cider

In the pantheon of fermented fruits, the apple is second only to the revered grape.

Martinique Rum

Martinique, a French island in the Lesser Antilles whose rugged landscape harbors brilliant botanical gardens and whose coast is dotted with long, lovely beaches, offers plenty of the celebrated attractions of tropical islands, but...

Bordeaux: Haut-Brion

A name that sets worldwide connoisseurs of great wine to dreaming.

A Look At the Loire

For most wine lovers, the Loire Valley begins around the beautiful old city of Tours, in the heart of the vineyard country, a quick 90 minutes southwest of Paris by high-speed TGV train. But...

The Spicy Whites of Alsace

Alsatian grapes display varying personalities.

Pop That Cork!

Of all the wines of France, champagne comes closest to perfection.

To the Season!

Holiday drinks from Noilly-Prat.

Cassis Wines

Le Chai Cassidain is a shop and wine bar that stocks all the best local wines, including those of the 12 different vineyards of Cassis.