Lyon: 126

The vibe is hip but relaxed, and there's some great modern art on the walls.

Bagnoles-de-l’Orne: Le Manoir du Lys

A stylish dining room with big cloud-style light fixtures, quietly hip table service and delicious fare


A pleasant restaurant in a quiet street in the Les Halles district.


Sa.Qua.Na is not only the motto of chef Alexandre Bourdas, but also a homonym for "fish" in Japanese (sakana).

Juan-les-Pins: Viva Llorca

Locally caught seafood has pride of place on brilliant chef Alain Llorca's menu.

Valence: La Cachette

Chef Ijiti Massa astonishes diners with the precision of his cooking and the purity of his flavors.

Les Terrines

A delightful new bistrot with a rustic disposition.


A terrific little bistrot where young chef Guillaume Delage turns out stunning renditions of French classics

KGB: Kitchen Galerie Bis

A colorful contemporary annex to William Ledeuil's Ze Kitchen Galerie, with lower prices and a simple but delicious menu.

Great Pair

The renewal of the Parisian neighborhood restaurant.