Chez Palmyre

Hidden in the maze of narrow cobblestone streets, Chez Palmyre was one of Vieux Nice’s long-standing family-style institutions, presided over by the late, grandmotherly chef Palmyre Moni, who opened the 25-seat bistrot in 1926....

Where to Eat on the Champs-Élysées in Paris: Le 68 Guy Martin

Truth be told, I wasn’t very enthusiastic when a friend visiting from South Africa suggested that we meet for lunch at 68 Guy Martin, the restaurant in the elegant new Guerlain boutique on the...

Parisian Walkways: Île Saint-Louis

A verse by the surrealist poet Louis Aragon (1897-1982) greets flâneurs who stumble upon a small plaza named after the Parisian auteur, on the western tip of the Île Saint-Louis: “Connaissez-vous l’île Au coeur de la...

Where to Stay and Eat in La Manche

A selection of quality hotels and restaurants across the département Related articles: Explore La Manche, a Beautiful Corner of Normandy 12 Things to See on the Coast of La Manche What to See and Do in La...

France’s Bistrot Renaissance

Within the last few years, I’ve been reading a growing number of sour, even indignant, books and magazine articles which charge that French cooking just isn’t very good anymore. I disagree, but the best...

A Fine Pair

The 11th arrondissement continues to be a hatchery of really good, new and affordable restaurants.


Rino is a great new compass point in Paris for intrepid gourmets, with inventive, market-driven menus that change daily.

Saint-Malo: Le Bistrot du Poncel

A cozy, casual spot in Saint-Malo with excellent, reasonably-priced bistrot cooking.

Restaurants in Paris: Comice in the 16th Arrondissement

In my experience of Paris restaurants, it’s rare to find a place that works just as well for a meal out with friends or in a tête-à-tête as it does for a business meal,...

Brasserie Flottes

What sets Brasserie Flottes apart from many other Paris brasseries is the quality of the produce and really good cooking.