Sa.Qua.Na is not only the motto of chef Alexandre Bourdas, but also a homonym for "fish" in Japanese (sakana).

Le Mini Palais

A restaurant behind the majestic colonnade on the eastern flank of the Grand Palais

Le Havre: Jean-Luc Tartarin

Jean-Luc Tartarin's eponymous restaurant is a mandatory gourmet halt during any visit to Normandy.

Sainte- Barbe: Auberge de Mazagran

Chef Cyril Monachon cooks with local produce from Lorraine but also has a globe-trotting culinary imagination.
La Tour des Vents

La Tour des Vents: Michelin-Starred Dining with Vineyard Views

To find this restaurant, you can use your sat nav or even a map (remember those?) and you will weave your way back and forth through countless Monbazillac vineyards. Or, you can look up...

Les Terrines

A delightful new bistrot with a rustic disposition.


A sweet little restaurant in the 5th arrondissement where chef Franck Marchesi-Grandi is cooking his heart out in the small open kitchen

Where to Stay and Eat in Gironde

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Les Fougères

One of the best things about dining in Paris is that almost every neighborhood has several outstanding restaurants that lucky locals keep close to their vests. Through a friend in the 17th arrondissement, I...

Where to Stay and Eat in Nord-Pas de Calais

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