Pear Sorbet (Sorbet aux poires)

PEAR SORBET SORBET AUX POIRES I made this sorbet early on in pear season with Williams, which are fine and delicate with just the slightest tartness for balance. I recommend making it with any aromatic variety. 1...

Young Leek Salad / Salade de Jeunes Poireaux

Tender spring leeks, barely steamed and served with an herb vinaigrette
Far Breton

3 Ways with Prunes: Culinary Tips from Breton Baker Richard Bertinet

Originally from Brittany in north-west France, Richard Bertinet trained as a baker from the age of 14. Today the UK-based chef is a best-selling author who makes regular TV appearances. Bertinet was named BBC Food Champion of the...

Hazelnut Cake from Turin (Gateau aux Noisettes de Turin)

Les noisettes: This cake has a pure hazelnut flavor.

Book Reviews: A Cook’s Tour of France by Gabriel Gaté

A child of the Loire Valley, author Gabriel Gaté grew up learning culinary secrets from his grandmother and went on to be a renowned chef in Paris, before moving to Australia with his Melbourne-born...

Small croissants and smoked salmon

Readymade pastry puff doughThin slices of smoked salmon Cut the dough in four and cut each part in four again to make 16 croissants. Put small slices of smoked salmon on top and roll the...

Coq au vin

A hearty classic.

Mousse au Chocolat

You can change this mousse recipe to suit your whim and your menu.

Poached Eggs with Salmon and Spinach

"Cooking is conversation, as a meal gathers values, tastes, rituals, and words that are passed on for generations and play an extremely important social role not only over holiday seasons." From the French Woman's...

Basic Macarons

Macarons are tricky to make, so follow the recipe, do your best, and know that even the failures taste good.