Corsica Hotels and Restaurants: Hôtel Misincu in Cap Corse

Formerly known as the Hotel Caribou and a favourite jet-set hideaway during les trente glorieuses (as the French call the boom years of the post-war period), this seaside property on the finger-like northern tip...

Obernai: Le Bistro des Saveurs

Superb contemporary Alsatian cooking in a rustic dining room

Design En Afrique: S’Asseoir, se Coucher et Rêver at Musée Dapper

The Musée Dapper has produced one of the rentrée’s big surprises: the discovery of contemporary African design. Design En Afrique: S’Asseoir, se Coucher et Rêver (Design in Africa: Sit, Lie Down and Dream) presents...
Charroux Mustard

Gourmet Trail: Auvergne’s Secret Treats

The Auvergne region – a volcanic, richly lush and rustic oasis in the very heartland of France – is known for many things in culinary circles. It has a burgeoning reputation for high-end dining, and its...

Figs Marinated in Sherry with Aged Goat Cheese and Basil

Every year in late summer, I wait for the season's first Black Missions and Kadotas to arrive at the market. When I was a kid, I used to watch the figs ripen on our...
courtesy of Épicerie Générale

Epicurean Paris: Top Specialty Food Stores and Gourmet Grocers

A new generation of gourmet grocers is helping food lovers rediscover France’s far-flung gastronomic pleasures in chic, welcoming spaces that raise food shopping – and no-fuss dining – to the level of art. Upgrading...

The Vaux le Vicomte Birthday Cake

A most extravagant way of celebrating.

Classic Recipes from Chef Justin North’s Book “French Lessons”

An excerpt from the book by the acclaimed chef.

Parisian Walkways: Faubourg Saint-Antoine, the Heart of Fine French Cabinet-Making

Every year, more than seven million people flock to the Palace of Versailles to behold the jaw-dropping luxury in which the French monarchy once resided. They stand wide-eyed before the towering frescoed ceilings; they marvel at the gilded wood panelling, the...

Cucuron: La Petite Maison

With chef Eric Sapet at the helm, La Petite Maison has become one of the best restaurants in the south of France.