Chef Jérôme Faure

Where to Eat in Provence: Le Champ des Lunes at Domaine de Fontenille

Though it is the object of international adulation and remains a cherished destination of the Parisian chattering classes, along with a complement of their opposites from across the Channel, across the Atlantic and other European countries, the Luberon...

Entertaining in Grand Style

Fascinating anecdotes from James Viaene, chef to high society, including the Windsors and Charles de Gaulle.
Restaurant Sylvestre

Where to Eat in Paris: Restaurant Sylvestre

Taking over a restaurant that was founded by another chef is always a delicate challenge for the incoming talent, since a certain part of the clientele will inevitably be flustered by the idea of...

Classic Recipes from Chef Justin North’s Book “French Lessons”

An excerpt from the book by the acclaimed chef.
Les Loges, Lyon

Restaurant Reviews: Les Loges in Lyon

For anyone who loves French food, there are few better destinations than Lyon, since it offers such a spectacular range of restaurants. If the hearty food of the city’s bouchons at places like Chez Hugon is deliciously consoling...

Valentine’s Day at the Moulin Rouge

Even before the Moulin Rouge’s theatre lights are dimmed and the curtain is raised, you know you’ve set foot in a maison drenched in history, a Parisian icon. The world-famous cabaret’s current show, Féerie,...

King of the Med: Exclusive Interview with Chef Gérald Passédat

Gérald Passédat is the legendary three Michelin-star chef and owner of Le Petit Nice in Marseille, the city of his birth. He is a passionate champion of seafood cuisine, which also draws upon the many vegetables and...

Where to Eat in Dijon: Loiseau des Ducs

Reservations for lunch are essential at this fabulous address in Burgundy's largest city.

Made in France: The Opinel Knife Celebrates 125 Years

An exhibition of the 100 best-designed objects in the world, held at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum in 1985, placed the Opinel ‘No 8’ knife right up there with a Rolex and a Porsche....
Chef Anne-Sophie Pic

Anne-Sophie Pic: Queen of French Cuisine

Anne-Sophie Pic represents the most recent generation of one of France’s most prestigious cooking dynasties. Inheriting the knowledge and experience of four generations of exquisite French cookery, she has continued the tradition of excellence by being named World’s Best Female chef in...