Top 5 French Musicals

French filmmakers aren't known for musical comedy, but there are a few films in which song and dance play starring roles

Going Green

Eco-chic is sweeping Paris, and the hottest label in town is "bio".

Toddler Togs

The big French fashion story this season is not heels or handbags, it's toddler chic

Pour L’Homme

There's no denying that French men have an inimitable sense of style.

Cristal de Lorraine

The finest crystal in France

Buttering Up

French butter is serious business.

Gorgeous Gems

Dior's fantastical jewelry line

Later, Alligator

Lacoste has become a lifestyle icon in 110 countries worldwide.

Arles: The Ancient Roman City

Arles is an historical and magical city. Bordered by the Rhône, la Camargue, les Alpilles and la Crau, it seems like an island. Arles is home to numerous ancient Roman and Latin monuments listed...

A Dordogne climate guide

Sun, rain and temperatures The Dordogne is the third largest département in France, with a total area of 9,200 square kilometres. (The first and second largest are the Gironde, round Bordeaux, and the Landes, to...