Lyon Confluence

When it's completed, Lyon's Confluence project will double the size of the historic center of France's second city—a feat that would be well nigh impossible anywhere else, geographically or logistically. This month the project's...

Centre Pompidou-Metz: Art Center Extraordinaire

The new museum is housed in a four-story steel-and-concrete hexagon with a 250-foot central spire.

Cy Twombly at the Louvre

The 82-year-old American has become the third contemporary artist to be commissioned to produce a work for the Louvre.

Arles: The Ancient Roman City

Arles is an historical and magical city. Bordered by the Rhône, la Camargue, les Alpilles and la Crau, it seems like an island. Arles is home to numerous ancient Roman and Latin monuments listed...