True Blade

The humble shepherd's knife that has become a coveted accoutrement

Mauboussin: Engaging Name Game

Since president Alain Nemarq took over the French luxury jeweler Mauboussin, the company has established a tradition of giving irresistibly charming names to its special collections. A few recent favorites: Trop Fou de Toi...

Take a Break

France's young, witty and irreverent 5.5 Designers have done their own take on the French Open at Roland Garros, with their new "Three Sets" combo, turning a tennis-ball tube into an "Ace" carafe with...

An Imperial Oyster

A Best of France selection

Golden Parachutes

Cufflinks to suit the times.

Dancing in the Street

You don't have to be a famous dancer to wear Repettos.

Hot Stuff

The fiery red Basque pepper.

Rakish Flair

The best berets.

Centuries of Scent

The International Perfume Museum in Grasse reopens in October

Cristal de Lorraine

The finest crystal in France