A Provençal Christmas: The Thirteen Desserts

Whether or not several members of Christ’s inner circle drifted to the coast of Provence in an oar-less boat has never been ascertained, but some legends die harder than facts and Provençal lore likes...

Le Dernier Mot: Se Ressourcer

Lying on a patch of freshly turned earth, I look around, admiring the barren field. I wish that the ground would stay this way: neat, tidy, not a leaf out of place. It is...

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A Dordogne climate guide

Sun, rain and temperatures The Dordogne is the third largest département in France, with a total area of 9,200 square kilometres. (The first and second largest are the Gironde, round Bordeaux, and the Landes, to...
Christmas gift guide

Protected: France Today Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Tis the season! The illuminations are up on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, boutiques are showing off fantastical shop windows, and the Christmas markets are in full swing. (Pain d’épices and hot mulled wine galore.)...