The 2017 Michelin Travel Guide Collection

☆☆☆ Highly Recommended ☆☆ Recommended ☆Interesting Since Michelin first published guides in 1901, our collection has concentrated on helping travellers find the most beautiful natural sites, providing comprehensive background information and great restaurants and hotels....
Mustang, movie

Mustang, France’s Oscar Nomination for Best Foreign Language Film, Speaks Turkish

Mustang is the perfect name for France’s Oscar nomination. It’s about five young girls who break a lot of rules, from marriage contracts to learning how to drive a car. It also breaks these rules:...
Historical Drama

French Film: Top 5 Historical Dramas

Our critic selects some great movies that bring the past to life.

“Save Short Film If You Can”: The 29th International Short Film Festival

There’s no red carpet. The nicest hotel in town is the new Mercure, a chain going for €133 a night at the peak of the event. Film screenings are crowded and sometimes uncomfortable; many...

Top 7 Films by Claude Chabrol

French cinema lost another pioneer of the New Wave with the death of the 80-year-old Claude Chabrol in September.

The Buzz in Silicon Valley: Le Festival of French Animated Films

While much of the world’s film festivals focus on films featuring human actors and actresses, Alliance Française Silicon Valley chose to feature French animated films for its film festival. The first annual Le Festival of...