Top 5 French Films About Teaching

The classroom is a recurrent theme in French cinema, with teachers in the leading roles.

Top 5 Films with Jean Dujardin

Winner of the Cannes 2011 Best Actor Award, Jean Dujardin may be the natural heir to Jean-Paul Belmondo.

Top 6 French Vacation Films

Enjoy a vicarious vacation in France this summer without leaving your living room.

Top 6 Films Starring Annie Girardot

The talented and versatile Annie Girardot, who died last February, was once France’s most popular actress. She faded into near-oblivion for a while, before achieving an unlikely but happy and welcome comeback. EPIC DRAMA Rocco...

Greatest French Movie Detectives

Commissaire Maigret Aloof, pipe-smoking police inspector Jules Maigret, created by prolific Belgian writer Georges Simenon, is probably the most beloved detective character in French literature and cinema. Several prominent actors have portrayed him, including Pierre...

The Winners at Cannes

Closing ceremonies ended the 2011 Cannes Film Festival on Sunday, with several Americans taking home awards.

Top 5 Films with Mathieu Amalric

Mathieu Amalric, winner of the Best Director award at Cannes last May for Tournée (On Tour), is also one of France’s top actors. First discovered in eccentric roles in auteur films, he's now moving...

Top 5 Artists’ Biopics

Biopics have become a genre all their own, and French cinema is just beginning to explore their rich potential.

Queen to Play

Kevin Kline plays a reclusive American living in Corsica in Queen to Play, and he made the film all in French.

Top 5 Films by Jean-Luc Godard

Jean-Luc Godard was the most adventurous and daring of all the New Wave filmmakers.