Art and Culture: 5 Great Shows to See Now in the Paris Region

125 of National Geographic National Geographic is blowing 125 candles this year with a milestone exhibition at the Jardin de Plantes in Paris. When in 1888, a small group of adventurers, scientists and explorers set out...

10 Reasons to Visit Montélimar, the “Gateway to Provence”

Nicknamed the “gateway to Provence”, with its postcard-perfect lavender fields and balmy climes, the capital of nougat in Drôme Provençale makes a choice retreat for savvy travellers and foodies RICH HERITAGE Perched high above the medieval...


CFOC merges the best of Asian craftsmanship with Parisian chic in a newly renovated emporium.

Jacques Doillon’s Biopic “Rodin” Premieres at Cannes Film Festival 2017

France Today correspondent Anne McCarthy is on location in Cannes to cover the famous film festival. For more of her dispatches and reviews, click here. When we first meet Rodin, he is in his studio. There,...

Top 6 French Train Films

The clack of the rails and the whirr of the camera have a long history together. Here’s a cinematic train journey through France. FIRST TRAIN OUT… L’Arrivée d’un Train en Gare de La Ciotat (Arrival of...

Colours of Cézanne

Aix-en-Provence and Paul Cézanne (1839–1906) are linked in eternity. It is impossible to visit this quintessential Provençal city today without encountering the legacy of the great painter. You will want to visit the museums,...

Top 5 Films of 2009

A look back at the most engaging French films of 2009

Vincent Breed: the Art of Glass Blowing

Clean-lined, colorful and witty glass designs with a poetic fancy

The Angel of the Rue de Turbigo

A colossal, smiling angel surveys the human comedy of Paris unfolding at its feet.

Taking Shape: Degas as Sculptor at The Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena

This fall, the Norton Simon Museum presents “Taking Shape: Degas as Sculptor”. Edgar Degas, renowned for his impressionist paintings, was also a groundbreaking sculptor. He enjoyed capturing female dancers and experimented with unusual angles...