Zuber: Wallpaper as Art

The history and artistry behind the company's luxury hand-made wall coverings.

Americans Head to the Hippodrome

Join the American Club of the Riviera for a day at the races.

Hermès: A Family Affair

Within the Hermès family the words luxury and profit are never spoken—as if even pronouncing them would be incredibly vulgar, almost indecent. They use the word elegance, of course, but mostly they talk about...

5 Emblematic Religious Buildings in Burgundy

Churches and Abbeys in Burgundy for Beginners Because Burgundy is a places of fantastic religious art it would be a shame to pass through without taking in some of these spectacular sights. No two churches...

New Designs for Monoprix

Budget behemoth Monoprix has made a huge hit with its series of collaborations with top French designers and brands.

Later, Alligator

Lacoste has become a lifestyle icon in 110 countries worldwide.

La Culture: Modern Couples at Centre Pompidou-Metz

What does it mean to be a 'creative couple'? When working in tandem, who should the birth of a masterpiece be attributed to? Dedicated to iconic duos such as Pablo Picasso and Dora Maar...

Carmen/ Suite Flamenca at the Casino de Paris

French composer Georges Bizet’s legendary Carmen, the tale of a seductive, gypsy femme fatale, and Suite Flamenca combine for a fiery, passionate double performance by La Compagnie Antonio Gades, Spain’s premier flamenco troupe. Both...

My Life in Paris: For the Love of Cheese

Leaky pens and gourmet fromage don’t always make good bagfellows, as Theadora discovers... Surrounded by whispers, giggles and baby whimpers, I am eyeballing the handbags showcased in tall LED-lit cubbyholes, deep down in the basement...

Three Cheers for Calvados: Discover the New Calvados Experience in Normandy

Marion Sauvebois sneaks a peek at the shiny new Calvados Experience, the first centre dedicated to Normandy’s tipple of choice “Not what you imagined?” grins Marie-Anne Saloux, one of the masterminds behind the Calvados Experience,...