Remembering May ’68

There is no denying that May '68 helped rid France of at least some of the layers of dust that were holding the country back

Oxygen Bar

Bleu Comme Bleu has opened the first "oxybar", or oxygen bar, in Paris.

Expensive but Exceptional

Bordeaux 2005 is considered by critics to be among the very best vintages ever


Shopping for a home like the stars.

Next Generation Supertrain

The engineering conglomerate Alstom has unveiled a prototype of the next generation of top-speed train

The Sarko Show

Impressions of the French president

Hot Air Balloon

One of the best views of the city

Pic Season

She's hardly the stereotype of the plump cook

Eiffel’s Other Masterpieces

More than just a one-tower genius

Hot Hotels

The Paris hotel scene is constantly changing, and a recent spate of ambitious renovations has created some noteworthy new addresses