Chicago: Festival de la Francophonie

For the month of March, celebrate the cultural blessing that is francophonie, the worldwide community of French speakers.

The 25th Anniversary Show at En Attendant les Barbares

A retrospective show starring the pioneer gallery's A-list

Paris/New York

An exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York.

New York: Rendez-Vous With French Cinema

French film all across New York City.

Wine of the Month

You may already know that many wines produced in different parts of the world are made from French grapes. Two of the most common, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, trace their origins and still stake their claim to fame from the great French wine region of Burgundy.

Pierre Bonnard: The Late Interiors at the MET

Only five days left to see this remarkable exhibit.

Chicago: Albert Camus Seminar

Celebrate the life and legacy of Camus in Chicago. April 24.

Mardi Gras

Tuesday, February 24 is Mardi Gras, and America is celebrating.

Los Angeles: COLCOA

A week of French film premieres at the Directors Guild Theater Complex. Through April 25.

3’s the Charm

France Today shares its favorite destinations across the country.