The Mourners: Tomb Sculpture from the Court of Burgundy

A remarkable series of 15th-century sculptures on a two-year tour of the US. Through April 2012


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Napoleon III and Paris

New York.

Le Tourbillon

The atmosphere is low-key, but Le Tourbillon's food definitely has a discreet wow! factor.

Paris: Fernand Pelez, La Parade des Humbles

Fernand Pelez (1848-1913), a contemporary of the Impressionists, Toulouse-Lautrec and the Nabis, was a singular figure on the Paris artistic scene, a naturalist focused on the street life, the humble and the poor who...

To the Season!

Holiday drinks from Noilly-Prat.

Amadou and Mariam

The world music duo from Mali is already topping the charts in Europe. Now the couple is set to conquer the United States.

Christmas Shopping

How to shop for the holidays in the City of Light.

Spa Anne Fontaine

The Rio-born designer's love of natural fabrics is reflected in the menu of her spa, on the lower level of her flagship store in Paris.

Gainsbourg For Ever

Composer, songwriter, singer, poet, author, painter, photographer, actor and director Serge Gainsbourg (1928-1991) was a sardonic, bad-boy star beloved by millions of French fans. Usually scruffy and unshaven, with an eternal cigarette hanging from...