Artist Lilian Bourgeat thinks big. His specialty is supersizing everyday objects, and his creations have ranged from rainbow-colored thumbtacks as big as steering wheels to a rubber duck the size of a minivan. In his current exhibit in Tours, the installation generating the biggest buzz consists of six white lawn chairs at an outdoor table set for a meal, all made of the correct material (porcelain, stainless steel, glass, resin) but two and half times normal size, which means forks and knives nearly as long as your arm and the bowl of the wine glass bigger than your head. Not just a museum piece, this gargantuan table will be part of a moveable feast this fall, when seven top-notch regional restaurants will host “Les Dîners de Gulliver“. For one week in each restaurant, guests can hop up onto those oversize chairs and manipulate the giant forks and knives for a feast that promises to measure up to the setting.

Centre de Création Contemporaine, 55 rue Marcel Tribut, Tours.

Les dîners de Gulliver will take place Sept 22-Nov 17.

Participating restaurants: Château de Marçay (Chinon, Le Fin Gourmet (Châteauroux,, Les Antiquaires (Orléans,, Château de Beaulieu (Joue-lès-Tours,, Les Hautes Roches (Rochecorbon,, La Maison de Célestin (Vierzon,, Le Jardin Gourmand (Bourges,


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