1. Explore the ‘must see’ cities around the country: Historically, rivers were used for inland transit, and cities blossomed along these routes. This means the most important cities were located on the major Rivers of Europe. Paris on the Seine, Lyon on the Rhone, Bordeaux on the Gironde. With a River Cruise, you’ll be docked in the heart of these quintessential French Cities.

2. Pack and Unpack Only Once: A river cruise vessel is a floating hotel, bringing you to a new destination each day, and each night you’ll return on board to your cabin. No rushing to catch the train, leaving behind items, or days wasted in travel.

Rhone Frantisek Vardon

3. Great French Cuisine: You don’t have to worry about finding a restaurant for each meal. On CroisiEurope Cruises, based in Strasbourg, meals are included and delicious. Refined French cuisine is served, paired with French Wines. A special treat is trying local cheese as you cruise through the region it was produced.

4. All Inclusive Travel: Don’t worry about reaching for your wallet. River Cruises include it all – 3 meals daily, city tours, and even drinks (remember those French Wines?) are included. Where Ocean Cruises are notorious for extra costs, on a river you’ll travel worry free. And they won’t break the bank – a 7 night cruise from Paris to the Norman Coast, is starting at $1895 Per Person.

Rhone Stephane Pfleger

5. Ply the Lesser Known Rivers: France’s Loire is the country’s longest river, and known for the Royal Chateaux dotting its valley. But, it has been forgotten by the river cruise world. That was until 2015, when the Loire Princess launched. Designed specifically for the Loire river’s shallows, the Loire Princess is a modern paddle wheeler – and is able to cruise in just one meter of water. Now, Francophiles can cruise 5 or 7 nights, round trip from Nantes, down the Loire to visit the Famous Chateaux.

Loire Michel Friz

6. Visiting Vineyards: Included tours keep guests busy in the day, and provide a taste of what makes each region special. This includes city tours and museum visits, but can also include Wine Tasting and Tours. Burgundy on the Rhone, Bordeaux wine on the Gironde, the Champagne Region, and the Loire’s Muscadet are all featured on their respective cruises. For wine buffs, look for Oenological themed cruises throughout the year.

7. Try a Canal Cruise: France’s countryside is crisscrossed by tiny canals, liking cities to towns, one river to another, and stretching across some of the most beautiful regions that France has to offer. Where river ships can’t travel, canal barges can. A more intimate cousin to river cruising, barge cruising is a fast growing trend – and for good reason. You’ll still have great French Cuisine, sightseeing tours, and a new destination to explore each day. But, at just 22 guests, you’ll feel that you’ve landed on a private pleasure craft. Look for canal cruises in Champagne, the Alsace, the Upper Loire, Provence, and Burgundy.

Lyon, le Rhône et la basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière, pont de l’université

8. Relax and Unwind: Sometimes, the best way to spend an afternoon is to sit back and relax, and you’ll have that opportunity on a River Cruise. Cruise into the heart of Paris, while the City of Lights is aglow, with a glass of Champagne in hand. You’ll know the meaning of Joie du Vivre.

Seine Gregory Gerault

9. Make it A Multi Country Tour: From Strasbourg, you can take a River Cruise on the Rhine River – the home of River Cruising – into the Romantic Rhine Valley, through Germany, and up to Amsterdam.

Destination Mason Des Alsace

10. See More: With a River Cruise, you’ll get a chance to explore the country at a comfortable pace, in a beautiful ship, to meet new friends, to eat delicious food, and to explore. All of the things that make travel great, are available to you on board a River Cruise.

CroisiEurope operates a fleet of 15 vessels just in France (and many more when including the Rhine Cruises from Strasbourg). Options include Paris and Normandy on the Seine, the Loire Valley and its Famous Chateaux, Burgundy and Provence on the Rhone, Bordeaux and the Medoc on the Gironde, and French Canals. Most programs operate April through October, and range from 4-9 Days on Board.

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