The legendary Michelin-starred chef Marc Veyrat has opened a new restaurant and hotel, Maison des Bois, in the heart of the Aravis Alpine mountain range. This is a unique new project for Veyrat, as the Maison des Bois is built as a completely self-sufficient farm, with its own livestock and herb gardens.

Photo by Maison des Bois

Veyrat says, “We have everything we need here, we take care of our health. Here there are no pesticides, no insecticides and no chemical fertilizers.” It’s an inspiring vision behind the restaurant. The team of chefs wake up early to roam the mountainsides in search of local herbs that most would unknowingly trample: Calamintha, Deadnettle and Hedgenettle to name a few.

Photo by Maison des Bois

The menu reads like a science-fiction poem, written in the style of an ancient Chinese proverb…

Virtual foie gras yoghurt, the fragrant myrrh we picked, crazy aniseed sticks.
The hidden fried egg.

…And the photos on the Maison des Bois website of the enchanting menu would honestly not look out of place in the Tate Modern.

Photo by Maison des Bois


photo by Maison des Bois

The five star hotel suites are equally impressive and are decorated in the purest Savoyard tradition. Directly accessible are the Croix-Fry and La Clusaz ski slopes.

Photo by Maison Des Bois

The hotel has it’s own spa, carved out of the living rock. On hand are a professional team of massage therapists, physiotherapists, and beauticians to pamper your every need.

Photo by Maison des Bois

For more information visit the Maison des Bois website here.