Every year, vacationing in camper-vans are becoming more and more popular, thanks to the freedom that this form of transport and accommodation offers. Being not much bigger than a people carrier, and less than 2 meters high, a camper-van is able to go anywhere a car can. What’s more, they are kitted out with kitchen units, tables and beds allowing you to cook, eat and sleep wherever you choose!

VAN-IT makes it to 10 years of service (this year). Follow them on their social networks to discover discounts and even competitions to win weekends in their exclusives vans. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see their platforms.

They  were the first to introduce rental camper-vans in France over ten years ago. Today they offer a whole range of different vehicles, from Volkswagen T4s to T6s, for 2 to 4 people, and at different prices to suit all budgets. They can now be found in most regions of France, offering as many vehicles as possible and are happy to offer the most interesting rates for you.


Other available offers also include:

•  Solar shower
•  Chemical WC
•  Bikes
•  Scooters

Within minutes of arriving at your destination, VAN-IT’s camper-vans can be transformed from a comfortable driving machine to a spacious living room. The front seats swivel to face a central table, the roof lifts to allow plenty of headroom when standing, and refrigerator allows you to keep food and drinks cool for the perfect picnic. There is even a sink with a 50 liter water supply!

The table and chairs can be taken outside, allowing you to set up your own picnic table in the most isolated and peaceful settings; perhaps by a river on an endless summer’s day!

When night falls there’s no need to look for a campsite, which can be noisy and crowded in the summer months. Your camper-van transforms easily into a bedroom, sleeping up to 4 people, so you can wake up wherever you choose. At the edge of a field of sunflowers, beneath the dappled light of a forest canopy, or even by a sandy beach!


VAN-IT’s camper-vans are perfect for those who want the freedom to move around on their holiday, to see different regions or even countries on the same trip. Travelling by camper-van is ideal in France as it allows you to get where you want, when you want, saving you money on hotel accommodation and restaurant costs.

VAN-IT currently has offices in Paris, Nantes, Metz, Toulouse, and Montpellier, and is expected to open in Bordeaux shortly. For more information and photos of the camper-vans available, visit the VAN-IT website.

Enjoy your trip!

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