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On-demand French Movies from TV5 Monde

On-demand French Movies from TV5 Monde

May 17, 2010

Good news for cinéphiles everywhere: the international French television channel TV5 Monde has launched a new on-demand platform for French films. In addition to their current subscriber-only channel, TV5 Monde is now offering film buffs the chance to watch nearly every French and francophone film their hearts desire, wherever they are, whenever they choose, at TV5 Monde + Cinéma.

According to TV5 Monde, viewers will initially have access to over 200 French-language films, and not just from France. The channel has worked with filmmakers in Belgium, Quebec, Switzerland, Morocco, Algeria and sub-Saharan Africa to deliver films from all over the French-speaking world to its customers, and it's not stopping there. Soon, they say, more than 1,000 French language films will be accessible for a modest fee, at a click of a button.

Full-length feature films cost 3.99 to 4.99 euros, with additional content, including trailers, interviews and mini-docs on the latest in French cinema, free. English subtitles are currently available on all films, with more languages on their way--along with an English-language site. For now, you can find more information about TV5 Monde + Cinéma on their French-language site at http://cinema.tv5monde.com/.




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